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Trump Shakes Up 2024 Race with Major Move – It Looks Like Donald Is About to Stage Comeback on Social Media

What’s Happening:

As this year heats up, expect one person to once again dominate the conversation. Bob Villa–Just kidding! It’s Donald Trump. The former president will be ramping up his 2024 campaign as the GOP primaries kick in. He has already announced his first campaign event. And that will only be for starters.

But Trump has always been a force to be reckoned with thanks to one powerful factor. Democrats moved heaven and earth to rob Trump of this advantage. But, try as they might, it has not worked. Now, Trump is prepared to make a move that will seal his comeback. It will delight millions of his supporters and send his enemies running.

From NBC News:

Mounting a comeback for the White House, Donald Trump is looking to regain control over his powerful social media accounts.

With access to his Twitter account back, Trump’s campaign is formally petitioning Facebook’s parent company to unblock his account there after it was locked in response to the U.S. Capitol riot two years ago.

Woah. News is coming out that Trump will petition Facebook to restore his account. This comes with the news that Trump will soon be returning to Twitter–which will send waves across the political and social media landscapes.

When the new owner of Twitter restored Trump’s account (after holding a poll of users), everyone waited for Trump to return. At the moment, his account is unlocked. But the former president has yet to post anything new.

Some speculated that he would stay loyal to his own social network, TRUTH Social. But this latest news suggests that Trump is planning a comeback to the two largest networks in the world.

Reports suggest that he is petitioning Facebook to restore his account. The social network banned him, pending a review that started earlier this year. Trump and his 2016 campaign used Facebook extensively to reach voters. And Trump is notorious for his intense and frequent use of Twitter. Some might argue Trump helped make Twitter popular among politicians.

It makes sense that Trump would want to return to these platforms. If he hopes to build momentum for the GOP primaries and the general election, he’ll need to use everything at his disposal. Few politicians would neglect platforms as big as Facebook and Twitter.

It might only be a matter of time before he returns to both.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump might be petitioning Facebook to restore his user account.
  • This comes as rumors fly that he will return to both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Elon Musk restored Trump’s Twitter account, but he has yet to use it again.

Source: NBC News

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