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Jill Biden Heckled In Blue State: “Your husband’s the worst president we’ve ever had, you owe us gas money

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Jill Biden got heckled in New Haven, Connecticut, not exactly a deep red area, as she embarked on a three-state swing to help get President Joe Biden’s numbers up. (see video below)

Biden nor his team can go anywhere without meeting a chorus of boos so they figured no one would heckle the First Lady. But they were wrong because rehabbing this administration is not possible in the eyes of the American people.

Jill stopped for ice cream with Gov. Ned Lamont (D) and on her way inside she was heckled by a man who yelled:

“Your husband’s the worst president we’ve ever had.”

Biden waved and yelled back, “Thank you.” 

The man continued: “You owe us gas money. You owe us gas money. You owe us gas money.”

Journalist Mark Zaretsky said:

“If Errol Hutson, who lives across Winchester Ave. from where #FLOTUS Jill Biden was visiting #AlbertusMagnus kids program, could talk to her, “I’d tell her there’s no more middle class. There’s only rich & poor — and it’s real hard out here for families!”

According to The Greenwich Time:

The first lady’s plane touched down at Tweed-New Haven Airport around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday. Her motorcade of black SUVs arrived at the campus of Albertus Magnus about a half-hour later, where Biden stepped out to embrace an awaiting Cardona, along with Gov. Ned Lamont.

The group then quickly moved out of the sweltering afternoon heat, stopping to meet briefly with parents and educators in Horizon’s programs before moving on to the classrooms.

Neither the first lady nor Cardona took questions from the press during their roughly hourlong visit.

During an assembly that featured a reading of “The Deep Blue Sea: A Book of Colors” and a racous “spirit check,” Biden explained her husband’s signature legislative accomplishment to the childen sitting criss-cross on the floor.

“What my husband did, he said our kids in this country, they need to catch up on their learning,” Biden said.

“So he wrote this plan, The American Rescue Plan that said ‘we are gonna catch up all our kids.’”