Republicans Try To Slip Trump Priority To Biden’s Bill – 40 GOP Members Are Demanding Funding For The Wall

The Biden administration’s infrastructure bill has been controversial from Day 1. On one hand, Democrats claim it will bolster America’s ailing economy and transportation systems.

But Republicans have called out the legislation for a number of reasons: they believe it holds far too much “pork” (funding for liberal interests), and not enough money is actually going toward infrastructure.

There’s something else missing, too — and the GOP wants it back.

A group of 40 House Republicans just sent a letter to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, pressing them to include funding for a project they deem absolutely essential.

It’s a project former President Donald Trump started, and current President Joe Biden ended the minute he took office.

To many, this is a matter of national security, especially given what we’ve seen in recent months. The situation at our southern border continues to worsen, and the GOP wants one thing:

The wall.

From Breitbart:

A group of House Republicans is urging the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to include border wall construction at the United States-Mexico border in any infrastructure package.

The group, led by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), specifically cite Biden’s “irresponsible” cancellation of the construction, as well as the gaps foreigners continue to exploit.

As far as the GOP is concerned, this is now a critical part of the country’s infrastructure.

Here’s part of the letter:

As you know, in December 2020, Congress approved $1.375 billion for border wall construction.

Despite this congressional direction, the Biden administration not only abruptly and irresponsibly ended immigration policies that were successfully discouraging illegal entry and effectively managing asylum claims, it also suspended ongoing construction at the border.

This left multiple gaps in the nearly completed southern border infrastructure, which are repeatedly exploited by smugglers and migrants to illegally access the United States.

The letter goes on to say construction of the border wall is a “fundamental priority for our communities” as well as for national security.

This is in stark contrast to what Democrats are urging Biden to do:

They recently called unregistered residents “American heroes” and they want any infrastructure bill to include amnesty for millions of foreigners who are not technically citizens.

Since Biden took office, the Department of Homeland Security and other border officials have complained about the sharp surge in travelers approaching the U.S.

They’re having increasing difficulty dealing with the numbers, and some health experts worry that the ongoing pandemic just makes the entire situation even more dangerous.

Now the question is: will Biden simply ignore the border issue and offer amnesty, like his party wants? Or can Republicans get Trump’s wall back on track?

Key Takeaways:

  • A group of 40 Republicans want construction on the border wall to continue.
  • They’ve sent a letter to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, pressing for the wall to be included in Biden’s infrastructure bill.
  • The GOP says this is for the sake of national security, and it’s a “fundamental priority for our communities.”

Source: Breitbart

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