Dan Bongino Gives Heartwarming Cancer Update: “It’s been tough, I will be A-OK, my prognosis is really good”

Dan Bongino gave a heartbreaking Christmas update on his battle with cancer as he awaits a final chemotherapy treatment next week. 

He said he believes he will come out “A-OK” before he sent out his best wishes to fellow conservative radio star Rush Limbaugh. 

Limbaugh is battling cancer and gave an emotional sendoff to 2020 on his radio program saying he didn’t think he would be alive to even give it. 

Bongino disclosed earlier this year that he had Hodgkin lymphoma after doctors examined a “very scary” tumor they found in his neck. 

“It’s been tough. I’m tired. The chemo’s rough.” he said. 

“You got to get through it with a bit of a sense of humor though,” Bongino added before making a joke about giving it a low rating on Amazon. 

Bongino also thanked viewers for their outpouring of support. 

“I get your emails, I read all of your social media posts, and, really, it’s been heartwarming,” Bongino said.  

“I will be A-OK though. I promise you.” 

“My prognosis is really good.” 

“God bless him and his struggle too, and everyone out there struggling with this awful disease,” Bongino said of Rush Limbaugh’s struggles. 

Bongino said of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where he gets this treatment. “Brilliant people. We have the best medical system in the world.” 

“And all the doctors out there caring for people during this season, thank you.” 

“And thanks to everyone who’s been caring for me, too. It’s been amazing.”

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