CNN’s Jim Acosta Accuses Trump Of ‘Trying to Pull A Fast One With His Supporters Insisting He Has Won A Second Term’

CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta accused President Trump of taking advantage of his supporters on CNN’s “The Situation Room.”

Acosta said that President Donald Trump was “trying to pull a fast one with his supporters, insisting he has won a second term.”

“President Trump is still trying to pull a fast one with his supporters, insisting he has won a second term. Mr. Trump said he was 2-0 today when it’s actually one win and one loss.,” Jim said.

“Privately, the president and his team understand he is running out of legal challenges.”

“The question is whether the president will ever acknowledge that himself.”

“As you mentioned, some Republicans in Congress are actually encouraging the president to keep fighting it out, even after the electoral votes are tall lid up next week, teeing up a potential fight in the House of Representatives that is expected to simply drag out what is inevitable.”

He added, “Today, the president required more than a fact check, needed a math check as Mr. Trump was pointing to the 2020 scoreboard and claiming he came out on top.”

In a clip CNN played Trump said, “Well, you know, in politics, I won two, so I’m 2-0. And that’s pretty good too. But we’ll see how that turns out.”

Acosta said, “But that’s not true, and neither are his false cries of a rigged election, no matter how many times he looks at the numbers.”

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