Mike Flynn Puts Barack Obama On Notice: “I must have put the fear of God into Barack Obama”

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Former national security advisor General Mike Flynn dropped the hammer on former President Barack Obama saying he was ‘scared of him.’

Flynn put Obama on notice mocking Barack for repeatedly warning Trump about him during a 90-minute conversation after the 2016 election.

He calmly made the case against Obama including the devastating indictment: “Let’s face it – Barack Obama appointed me twice.”

“I must have put the fear of God into Barack Obama and still do because of this long four-year saga they put me through, and frankly the entire country. One of these days I will lay it out.”

“But it’s pretty amazing for the transition in the United States of America from one president to another,” Flynn said.

“When he chose me to be the national security advisor they knew that their little plan of spying on Donald Trump would fall apart and many other foreign policy blunders they got our country into, whether it was the Iran deal, issues going on in the Asian-pacific theater, trade, all sorts of issues that were in play that the last administration did to frankly run this country right into the ground,” Flynn said.

“They knew those were the types of things I was aware of.”

“Let’s face it. Barack Obama appointed me twice.”

“I was Senate confirmed twice during the time I was in the military.”

“So it’s amazing that would be what he would focus on during the transition for the United States of America.”

“It’s outrageous, actually.”