Hollywood Star Debra Messing Crosses Line With Trump Insult, May Get Sued By POTUS After Calling Him Rapist

Hollywood actress Debra messing went too far this time in her anti-Trump social media rant and she may very well get sued for libel.

Trump famously wants to tighten up American libel laws but what Messing said is a disgrace whether it is legal or not.

Messing agreed with some other liberal attack dog and said: “Trump is a Rapist & a Pedophile. #TrumpIsARapist #TrumpisaPedo #TrumpKnew #TrumpHidTheTruth”

Nice, huh?

She went after Mitch McConnell too saying:

“AND the Dems in the House passed 395 bills covering healthcare, election security, economic relief and #MitchMcConnell STILL has them sitting on his desk and said today he will NOT bring them up for a vote.

Dems have worked TIRELESSLY to help. GOP worked tirelessly to BLOCK.”

She also joined the fire Jim Cramer movement started after Cramer called Pelosi Crazy Nancy today. She retweeted:

Fire Cramer NOW CNBC! We must STOP media Trump’s media cronies from parroting his hate & lies.

Americans who care about the USA need to vote #biden2020landslide Or we get #DictatorTrump in this video(RT!)

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