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President Trump Outsmarts Nancy Pelosi – Counters Her New Investigation By Appointing A Special Recovery IG

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Democrats like Nancy Pelosi take every chance they get to overrule President Trump and investigate him.

Right after Congress passed $2 trillion in relief funds to help the American people, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi used it as an opportunity to investigate the President with a new committee.

Seems like they still don’t understand who they’re dealing with. Because Trump quickly countered them by making a powerful appointment.

From the Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump officially nominated Brian Miller on Monday to serve as the Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery, a new position with the Treasury Department with oversight powers into the government’s coronavirus response.

Miller’s nomination comes shortly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at the suggestion of Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff, launched a new select committee to investigate the president’s response to the pandemic.

Nice try, Adam and Nancy! Up to your old tricks again, trying to use this crisis for political gain.

But Trump works outside the box. He thinks there should be oversight of all these dollars—but the House Democrats don’t have a stellar oversight record.

So the President appointed someone with the actual experience to audit this relief effort. According to the White House,

he led more than 300 auditors, special agents, attorneys, and support staff in conducting nationwide audits and investigations.

Sounds like the money is more likely to go where it is supposed to than under the watchful eye of Nancy Pelosi, the very woman who snuck loads of pork into this bill for her special interests.

Thank goodness we have a smart President like Donald Trump who can outwit the Washington swamp.

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Source: Daily Caller

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