Bette Midler Says Trump Will Kill Us All Because He’s Jealous Of Barack Obama

Hollywood Actress Bette Midler just publicly lost it and lashed out at President Trump in the most outrageous way. And she got her facts wrong in an embarrassing display of ignorance.

Overreacting to a media story, she attacked President Donald Trump calling him cruel and malignant.

But she was just getting warmed up. Bette Midler went off her rocker and said that Trump will “kill us all” because…wait for it…Trump’s “overwhelming jealousy” of Obama.

“There is no end to the cruelty and malignancy of @realdonaldJtrump and his horrifying administration.  His overwhelming jealousy of @BarackObama will kill us all. Obamacare Markets Will Not Reopen, Trump Decides,” she tweeted.

As usual, she has her facts wrong – many states that have their own exchanges have reopened them and of course, Obamacare already allows you to enroll if you lose your job, you don’t need Trump to ok it.

From “If you have just left your job for any reason and lost your job-based health coverage, you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. This means you can enroll in a Marketplace insurance plan any time of year. You usually have 60 days from the day you lose your coverage to enroll.”

From Breitbart:

But Politico also noted that the Affordable Care Act already allows a special enrollment for people who have lost their workplace health plans, with some states that run their own insurance markets having already re-opened enrollment.

Bette Midler responded to the White House’s decision in a tweet Wednesday, writing that “there is no end to the cruelty and malignancy of @realdDonaldJTrump and his horrifying administration.”

She added: “His overwhelming jealousy of @BarackObama will kill us all.”

President Trump campaigned on the promise to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. While the 2017 attempt to repeal the law ultimately failed by a small margin in the Senate, the president successfully eliminated the individual mandate portion of the act. His administration is also backing a lawsuit brought by Republican-held states that is challenging the legality of the law.

Bette Midler has repeatedly voiced her antipathy for President Trump and his administration on social media. In a tweet from February, the actress claimed that if the president wins reelection in November “he will rule you until he dies, you die, or both.”

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