Hollywood Star Chrissy Teigen Crosses Line With Attack On Melania Trump: “F**k You”

Hollywood star Chrissy Teigen just crossed the line with a drunk and quite scandalous attack on Melania Trump.

What in the heck does Melania have to do with anything? This Hollywood has been must be jealous, why else tell Melania Trump to f**k off?

Teigen ranted on twitter:

“Has melania even thought about doing something with her be best shit during these times? I see regular ass awesome people on my timeline all day doing all they can to make people happy and this wifebot is working on whatever the fuck a tennis gazebo is.”

“ALL I have seen this bot do is gently touch Christmas ornaments in a cape and stare in a cape and pat statues in a different cape and then change her cape into a rude ass jacket. F*ck you.”

“I expect Donald to be a do nothing fucking loser wimp but she could maybe possibly try to uhhh BE BETTER possibly the best be the best the best be best.”

“Totally! But we all have stupid moments and some people (like me) have a lot of passion and things don’t come out the way we mean it. I honestly have gotten so much better at taking my time and thinking before I write/speak though.”

“What can I say. Kids and online torture have made me a much more empathetic person. May you never be on the end of everyone hating you.”

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