After Hunter Biden Refuses To Give Baby Mama A Penny – His Swanky Hollywood Pad Closet Swings Open

The media is focusing all their time on the boring Senate impeachment trial, so, you probably won’t find out about this story in any mainstream media.

They’ve all but ignored Hunter Biden and his closet full of secrets. They regularly claim it’s all been disproved. Really?

Well this story could make Hunter look really bad.

Biden has been in a child support battle over in Arkansas. He recently refused a court order to give up his financial records.

But what is he doing in the meantime? Oh, nothing. Just renting out a swanky Hollywood house for $12,000 a month.

And not just any house.

From Washington Examiner:

Hunter Biden is defying a court order to disclose his financial information as part of a child support fight while renting a $3.8 million designer home in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, for $12,000 per month…

While living in the high-end digs, Biden has been fighting a court order to turn over his financial information as part of a paternity suit in Arkansas.

Wow, this is pretty bad. Hunter Biden is fighting a case over a child a paternity test showed was his.

He doesn’t want to pay child suppport for his little one.

Yet he and his new wife are living in a million-dollar home in California. The rent price? Twelve thousand dollars a month.

If he’s fighting child support, does that mean Hunter can’t pay a mother a child support…

But he can afford this place?

Here’s a picture of the probable place—what a view!

That’s just icing on the cake for Hunter. Many Americans want to know the truth about his 2016 arrangement with a Ukrainian company.

This case is at the center of the impeachment trial, according to Republicans, yet neither Joe nor Hunter want to give any answers.

Like father like son, huh?

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Source: Washington Examiner

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