Ivanka Trump Snubs Jim Acosta After CNN Host Got Rude As Don Trump Jr Drops Hammer: “One of most dishonest reporters in all of Washington”

Ivanka Trump gave showboat Jim Acosta exactly what he deserved when she snubbed his rude act.

Acosta is in Davos, Switzerland has spent his time basically attacking the Trump family and peppering them with questions about impeachment.

Look, Trump is here on business and as Bill Clinton did, he is getting away from the circus of impeachment as it is just a media spectacle.

We already know the results, all that’s is the show.

But Acosta continues his tired act and one wonders when CNN will finally pull the plug.

From CNS:

First Daughter Ivanka Trump snubbed CNN’s Jim Acosta when he chased after her asking for a comment on her father’s impeachment trial on Tuesday – and when Acosta called her out, her brother, Donald Trump, Jr., sprang to her defense.

“Why should she give a comment to one of the most dishonest reporters in all of Washington?” the president’s son tweeted, responding to CNN Chief White House Correspondent Acosta’s retweet of video of his encounter with Ivanka

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland posted by CNN Producer Matt Hoyer:

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