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Hours After Pelosi Files Impeachment Against Trump – Mitch McConnell Drops A Ton Of Senate Bricks On It

Although they appear to be getting what they wanted, Democrats are still gunning for Donald Trump. They are moving a break-neck pace to impeach him.

They’ve already written up a single impeachment article for the President.

From Daily Wire:

House Democrats released the single article of impeachment that they will file against President Donald on Monday for allegedly inciting what they claimed was an “insurrection” last week when a riot broke out at the U.S. Capitol Building following a rally the president held.

Why are they trying to move so fast? Because Trump’s first term will end in a matter of days, when Joe Biden is inaugurated. Perhaps if they can impeach Trump now, it will prevent his chances of running again in 2024.

But Pelosi is going to be pretty upset after she finds out what McConnell just said.

From Fox News:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on Friday sent a letter to GOP senators sharing a summary of how the upper chamber could legally “dispose of any articles of impeachment” against President Trump before Jan. 20…

“The Senate is currently in recess and is holding pro forma sessions every three days until January 19. Pursuant to the unanimously approved order setting up the recess and these pro forma sessions, the Senate may conduct no business until January 19,” McConnell wrote.

McConnell informed GOP senators that they only have a few days of work until January 19. The only way they can return to the Senate floor is if all 100 senators vote unanimously.

Without their entire support, there is little chance the Senate will even meet, let alone hold impeachment hearings.

Meaning, the Senate won’t return to normal work until one day before January 20—the day when Biden enters office.

Will that be enough time to hear from the House and vote on impeachment? Not likely. Constitutional experts like Alan Dershowitz say Democrats do not have near enough time to process something as important as an impeachment in a matter of days.

Remember the last impeachment? It dragged on for months. Will the Senate bother to hold an impeachment trial over a president that has already left office?

Come on, Nancy, you’re grasping at straws. How bitter can the left be—that even after Trump prepares to leave—they are still trying to get him?

This proves it was never about what was “good” for the country, but taking down a man they don’t like.